The need for the PROACT operation has its roots in the efforts related to substance use disorder throughout  the Huntington, West Virginia region. Huntington has been on the forefront of the challenges and successes related to those challenges for many years.

The initiation and development of substance use disorder-focused efforts have occurred in all of the PROACT partner facilities at Cabell Huntington Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center and Marshall Health for many years.  The addition of resources from Valley Health and Thomas Health have served to complement these efforts.

Independent, successful efforts like Lily’s Place – a facility dedicated to the provision of medical care for infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), Recovery Point, HER Place, Four Seasons and others have originated in Huntington.  Huntington has a history of recognizing issues and tackling them in a productive manner and PROACT is another, very strong, example of that.

Leaders in the community recognized the need to “fill the gaps” in the provision of services to those individuals, families, groups, employers, communities and more that are challenged with the effects of substance use disorder.  The PROACT system was born from that need in 2018 and will continue to expand and adapt as the needs of the community are recognized.